What’s That smell?

A topic that caught my eye when looking over the syllabus for my CS-343 class was Code Smells, so I decided to delve deeper into the topic. I read a blog post titled “CODE SMELLS THAT ARE FOUND THE MOST” by Ekaterina Novoseltseva, which talks about commonly found design flaws in code and how to address them. Ekaterina goes through a list of those design flaws like the bloater which are code, methods, or classes that are too large or have grown too large making them difficult to work with. Another mentioned design flaw would be the change preventer, which as its name implies prevents change by making the coder change multiple places in order to fix/change one section of code. There are many more examples of code smells that are explained in the blog.
One of the code smells that stood out to me was long methods because for a while that was something I would do while coding and it made my code almost impossible to track and understand, as well as, made it hard to trouble shoot where my issues where when my code did not pass test classes. Having long methods made coding extremely difficult and created more problems than it did good. another code smell that really hit home was duplicate code, even though it is easy for me to just copy and paste the same code into multiple methods, it makes more sense to create a single method that can be used in multiple places. simplification of code is something that I have been working on because it makes coding a lot smoother and easier to adjust and make changes to in the future. The last code smell that really spoke to me was dead code which is code that is not being used. Too many times I find myself writing code that is too complicated or doesn’t work, and then commenting it out or saving it for future changes and usually forgetting about it which makes it all the more confusing for some one reading or looking at my code. learning more about code smells has given me the confidence and knowledge to avoid them in the future and to make simpler and cleaner code. Design of all things is meant to be efficient and useful to both the designer and the user, so to practice and understand good design a person must understand bad design as well.
Link to the Blog Referenced in this post: https://apiumhub.com/tech-blog-barcelona/code-smells/

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