Jupiter, But Not the Planet

The most important part of testing is the testing tools used, so its best to see what JUnit 5 or Jupiter has to offer the software tester. I read a post by EUGEN PARASCHIV that was titled “A Look at JUnit 5’s Core Features & New Testing Functionality“. This post explained the new features and strengths of the latest JUnit testing library. One thing that is new in JUnit 5 is the addition of Assert all which allows multiple tests to be ran at the same time and reports a single failure in the multiple tests as a failure. Assert throws allows the tester to test for exceptions and certain conditions that will trigger those exceptions to be thrown. Jupiter has many more great testing tools which makes me excited to write more tests and see what i can test. One of my favorite things is that Jupiter has a vintage mode which allows JUnit 4 and JUnit 3 test to be ran as well with no issues. This article/post will help me a lot moving forward, since I’m sure I will be using these functions in my testing classes in the near future.

Link to Article mentioned: https://stackify.com/junit-5/

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