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While looking at the course topics for my CS-343 class, the topic Law of Demeter caught my attention and I decided to dig deeper into the topic. I found a post by Arun Sasidharan called “Object Oriented Tricks: #2 Law of Demeter” which talks about what the law of Demeter is and how you should implement it into your code/design patterns. The Law of Demeter is basically that you shouldn’t give a single function the ability to know/navigate the entire system. Codes like ” obj.getX().getY().getZ().doSomething() ” has more knowledge of the structure system than it should. I think that it’s important to follow the Law of Demeter because not only does it look simpler to call only one method to solve a problem but it also avoids a possible security risk. If methods are able to be used and connected to figure out the layout of the system, then it makes the job of a hacker that much easier since they can figure out how they want to get to the information they want or to break the system.
The Law of Demeter seems to be a useful rule that helps to protect data and the overall structure of a system. I want to apply this to my own coding since it will simplify code and keep information secure. It seems that this is a difficult rule to apply and has some disadvantages to applying it as well like writing many wrapper methods and creating narrow interfaces. The Law of Demeter certainly fascinated me with how it can be used and why you should use it in your coding. I think that the Law of Demeter can and will be used as I learn more about it because for the most part I choose to take the easier approach in using multiple methods. Now that I know more about the Law of Demeter, I will look to apply it more in my code and find ways to avoid giving objects too much knowledge of the system structure. one thing that helped my understanding into what the Law of Demeter was was the use of the example of cells which was ” Cells don’t ask each other questions, they tell each other what to do”. this helped me to see how the Law of Demeter was applied and what it truly meant since the objects are the cells in this analogy, meaning that you shouldn’t have your objects asking around the system, the objects should be told what to do.

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