A Different Type of Angles

I decided to learn more about angular since it peaked my interest in class and in general. in my search for more information on Angular, I found “Introduction to AngularJS” by GeeksForGeeks. This post explains the strengths and important things to know about Angular and some of the key features of Angular. some key points from the post are that its easy to use and requires little understanding of different coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Angular saves time as well and avoids unnecessary code. Angular is a powerful framework that allows the developer more control over their applications and web resources. Angular is also unit test ready which helps the developer even more in there processes of creating applications and resources. Angular has Data Binding which means that the developer does not need to continuously update the HTML file or create a special code to bind the data. This keeps data consistent and updated with the most recent version of an application or resource that the developer provides.
Angular seems to make web development easier than ever and gives people the templates and tools needed to create powerful and intuitive applications to suit their own needs. From my short experience with angular, i felt confident and powerful while using the framework and wasted less time than expected had i tried to create a web application without it. I felt in control and could see the real time changes that were occurring in my local website due to the changes I was making. Angular has been for sometime one of the three major frameworks for web developers and the other two are React and Vue. I’m unsure about the other too languages are better or worse or have advantages over Angular, but at this point in time Angular seems like a strong and good choice for my future with any type of web development. the one thing that i think makes angular so appealing to me and others is that the data is bonded and you don’t need to constantly change things to reflect one change in a web application or resource. This framework is something i could see myself using in the future or something like it for web development because it simplifies a larger more difficult job and allows people with enough information to traverse its power and harness that power to create powerful applications. I can’t wait to learn even more about Angular and how to use it effectively.
link to article referenced: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/introduction-to-angularjs/

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