Sights Set On the Future

This project was a fun one and helped me grow significantly as a computer scientist and as a coder. all the tools needed where given to me to succeed and the freedom to make something that interested me and was fun, fuel my passion and made me happy to do this final project. Angular is a powerful tool and through the presentations of my fellow classmates I saw many ways that I can work on and improve my own project. One thing that another classmate used was Ionic which a framework built on top of angular that allows for easy app porting to android, ios and other devices and does the creation and scaling for you. Applying this to my project would help me to make it even more stylish and user friendly since at the moment it is not fully mobile friendly and has some of the styling relying on pixel size which will not scale correctly on mobile. I also saw alot of my classmates use a nav bar which would lock in place as you scroll down the screen and have drop down menus and searches, Which I thought my site and app would benefit from.
This project helped me to learn the extent that the skills learned in about software construction can go and that looking to other people’s creations and seeing how they did something can also benefit your site/application as well. I also felt great when I learned a new thing in both Angular or HTML/CSS and seeing it work on my Website made me want to do more and sad that I didn’t have more time to work on this Project. The design patterns and tools learned in this Software Construction and Design class will aid me in any future career i have in software development and i have a newfound respect and interest in front end coding as well since it was one of the best parts of this project in my opinion. Online tutorials and websites that gave examples on how to do certain things helped my project immensely and made the process easier and less stressful. I might return to this project in the near future and further develop the site to become more interactive and user friendly as well as support more devices. One thing I really wanted to do but didn’t have the time to was both a keyword search to find articles that contained a word or words when searched and an auto fill function for searches of sources.

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