Stylin and Profilin

As I finished up the back end part of my project, I Knew I would need to figure out some HTML and CSS because I wanted my site to look good and I haven’t done HTML or CSS since a class I took in High school. Since most of my college coding has been back end stuff I needed a refresher and to look for things similar to what I wanted on my website and to figure out how to adapt them to work for me. Things that i wanted where to display different information at different places, create a better layout for the website, a search bar and, of course, stylish buttons. There was alot of helpful code examples for what I wanted to do for my website which made the process easier. One thing I knew i would need to do was create a border for the news posts since the pictures and text would scale and stretch to fit the whole screen. Once I created a margin for the posts the images and text looked alot better. I decided to bold and make the title font bigger than the description since I wanted to draw the user’s eyes when they read the posts.
I used material classes from angular to make the process of styling even easier and through css i created a better looking website by customize each individual class. I had a search bar and a button to search by source which looked a little to basic so i customized the buttons to be blue, have white text, and when you hoover on it, it places a shadow behind the button. I also made a reset button to return to the “home Page” after a search by source and made the button uniform with the search button.
Lastly I created a list of sources that were all interactive buttons that had the same style as all the other buttons on the website. I wanted to make this list a drop down menu or something that would only appear on the side if you clicked on another button instead of being constantly there, but I did not have enough time to implement this addition to the website. Overall this learning of CSS and HTML was really fun and helped me to realize that this is how I am going to be learning other coding languages in the future and applying them as needed.

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