The Key to Apis

I was searching for a good api that did not require a key to use since i had no idea how to use one or how long it would take to get one. I searched and searched but I was unsuccessful in my search and ended up looking for one that had a key and an easy process to get that key. when i found the newsApi and it said all you needed to do was give an email address and sign up to get a key, I was ecstatic at the simplicity. After I got the key, I needed to figure out how it worked and what I should do to make using it even easier. I decided like most people on the internet chose to do and save it as a string called api key and passed it at the end of each api request.
I assumed that api keys were used to log what people do with the api and at what times for both security and to keep track of the usage of the api and I was right. Api keys are important for any api to use to keep spam and other malicious users from constantly requesting from your api or server and causing a denial of service. since the people who made the api have access to the keys, they can shut a key off if it request too many times in a certain time frame. I noticed, in my search for an api, that many of the apis had strict rules about how many times you can request in a time frame. The api i was using had pricing plans for different number of requests and how far back you could request articles and how fast they would load. The one i was using was free and allowed me to request 500 times a day which was more than enough for me to show off what it does and test it. The other plans costed 449 dollars a month and 849 dollars a month. these kinds of api that are hosted and easily accessible have the ability to make a lot of money. The other thing I noticed was that they didn’t allow it to be used for commercial use which means if you pay for the larger plans you would be just pumping money into the service without getting anything back.

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