Breaking Toys

The Breakable Toys pattern talks about a familiar lesson in life, which is that you can learn from your mistakes and failures because they are bound to happen. The pattern suggests that you create something similar to what you are doing in your job/work and use it as a playground to see what will work and what won’t and expand on the things that interest you and learn from what you create or fail to create. The one thing they suggest making and that a lot of developers make is a wiki because they simple to make and expand upon over time to show what you have learned and what you are capable of.
This pattern seems very useful and something that I might implement very early into my career because it sounds fun and interesting. The ability to create something and build on is something that is very important especially in the world of computer science where new things are always being made/optimized. I think this pattern makes me feel like the ability to grow and work on what interests you is an extremely important quality to have in software development. I now understand why our professors wanted us to make a professional blog and use it later in our professional careers since it will demonstrate our interests and progress made in learning more about the different aspects of computer science and software development.
The one thing that I really like about this pattern is the creativity aspect because it makes learning more fun since you are adding and making things more refined because you want what you create to look or work better. The best projects, not only in computer science courses, were the ones that allowed us to create whatever we wanted and pursue what we were interested in. Treating a job like this can turn it from a boring and exhausting job to a hobby that you enjoy and get paid to do. I really like this pattern and wish I knew about it earlier because I most likely applied it to my computer science courses as well to make them easier and more fun.

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