First Sprint Retrospective created git repository for approve guest web ui. created isApproved web ui git repository. created ApproveGuestService git repository. designed our rest API and created a wiki page for it. created and worked with registration to create a mock database design. got familiar with how docker works and how we can use it to complete this project. found more information on docker and how to connect it to MySQL. Initialized and set up the base code that will be changed for the rest api. created a mock angular project to test and better understand how angular works and what it can do.

Things that worked well was letting people work at their own paces and at their own times in order to maximize work done. This laid back style that we used helped the members to not stress on what was done or what needed to be done by a certain time and allowed us to focus on the tasks at hand. Our team was very focused on each task and for the most part knew what we could accomplish. things that didn’t work were people calling different issues before they finished the one that they were working on which left other members trying to figure out what more they could do to be useful to the team. All of our reviews were done at the end of the sprint which made the quality of those review less than what they would normally be.
Since it was our first sprint, we were unsure of how much work was enough work and had a lot of free time to work on other issues because we finished the others early. As a team we could do reviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays to lessen the reviews needed at the end and allow for more time and consideration when reviewing each issue. We also need to only take one issue at a time and avoid planning out the work course for our whole sprint and instead only pick up the next issue when we finish the one we are working on. We should also set up schedule days to meet up and work together outside of class to be able to finish more and help one another with issues and problems that we might be facing. I want to work on making more time outside of classes to work on the sprint issues and work on more difficult tasks but since this sprint was just a set up sprint, I’m sure that I will be faced with more difficult/time consuming tasks. I also want to make sure that I add/write my ideas/communicate on gitlab so that it appears and if someone continues this project in the future they can understand my thought process.

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