Jog at the Back of the Pack

The pattern “Be the Worst” is one that most people have heard many times and its a great life lesson that can be applied to many other situations. The idea is to surround yourself with people that are better than you and learn from them and grow. Basically don’t be afraid to not be at the same level as your peers and try to surpass them with every experience. This can also be a way to help others that are struggling or want to be better at something that you excel at. This pattern is definitely one that i could see myself using in my professional career and also in my education because the quickest way to learn something is to be surrounded by people that understand the concepts and to observe them and ask questions. Everyone has weak points and things that they wish they could be better at so finding people that excel at what you struggle with can only help you to learn and grow.
The one thing that I feel this pattern failed to make an extremely important part is that you should strive to go on and become the best at what you learn. I might just be a competitive person and this may not apply to all people, but I personally would want to become the best at whatever I do. This pattern also fails to really talk about doing the reverse which would be helping others in the same way that you want help. This pattern changed my perception about the profession of software development because I didn’t really think about how people from all over the place could be assembled to help one another understand things and it makes me think of a coalition/brotherhood rather than work or a job. The pattern talks about how it is a little selfish to join a team knowing that you are the weakest link and that you might hold them back a little, but sometimes you need to be selfish and think about yourself and what you need to grow and become better. Being selfish at times is needed to advance yourself and your career, so I’ll probably do this pattern unashamed and ready to become the best in every group.

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