Practice Makes Perfect

The pattern “practice practice practice” is what the title implies and focuses on one of the most important things in any kind of career. The idea that practice makes perfect has been apart of every job/hobby/club/etc. since the beginning of time. Since programming puts you in a situation where any mistake could ruin the entire project/work, you need to avoid mistakes at all costs. Practice allows for programmers to work on different things and see what works for both them and what ever they are working on. The pattern suggest that you solve an exercise multiple times over a few weeks from scratch and see how your solutions evolve and change overtime and use those in your future projects.
This pattern is something that I thought of when reading the breakable toys pattern since they have a similar aspect of taking things from work home and expanding your knowledge on things that could be used in projects. I felt like this would be something that I would need to do for most jobs in the field of computer science. I think one thing that I found interesting was how it suggests to use exercises in different books because it wasn’t something that I would have thought of to help practice on different aspects of coding. The pattern, similar to breakable toys, suggests to have fun with it and not worry about things like deadlines, production issues and so on cause it allows you to expand on what you learned and see what works and what doesn’t. I felt like this pattern had a lot that I wish I knew about when I began computer science classes because it would have made my learning experience easier and more enjoyable.
I will use this in my professional career since it seems to be something that would benefit me and help me to be a better developer and computer scientist. The idea of using different computer science books on different topics and using the exercise in the book were a good idea that I will use in my career as well. While old books may have the fundamentals of coding, it is important to get newer books focused more on the languages that are being used since they will have a good understanding of how to use the language to the best of its ability.

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