White Belt

The pattern “The White Belt” is all about becoming a student once again and not letting your knowledge or expertise in a certain subject get in the way of learning new things. The pattern also talks about how you should put aside past experience and unlearn things so that you can understand what you were struggling to learn. The pattern also wants you to use a new language or style to solve a problem so that you don’t fall into the same hole that you have been when it comes to learning. I often find myself in a similar problem when it comes to programming because I often use similar code in future projects or rely heavily on what I know works versus trying new things that may work better. This pattern is similar to other patterns but focuses on relearning or learning new things and setting aside past experience. I felt that this pattern is important to remember for my professional career cause I could see myself facing a similar problem to the one described in the pattern.
I think that an extremely important part of the pattern is that you should try to learn from other people. This part of the pattern is discussed and is the key focus of the pattern “Be the Worst”. I do not like the fact that they continue to blend patterns together since it makes it harder to distinguish between the different patterns. I think focusing on learning new things without allowing old knowledge to corrupt the new knowledge is an important part of learning anything and especially coding. With the way people can easily connect on common interests and topics on platforms like Discord, Twitter, FaceBook, and more, I can see myself joining different coding communities and interacting with other people that may have more knowledge on a topic than me, in order to learn more in different areas of coding. This pattern has given me a new way to avoid getting stuck in a rut that is common in the computer science field. Using different languages is important to better understand the inner works of what a function does and how it can be implemented in different ways.

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